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Volunteer Opportunities 

“My time at Seven Bends Nursery has challenged me to look at conservation in a way that is rooted in understanding the smallest complexities of life.  This semester I learned about the importance of having land-based conservation to address the conservation of wildlife.  Being able to work with a professional in the field of ecology outside of a college setting was an experience any person pursuing a career in conservation should have.  It's a beautiful opportunity to have someone so knowledgeable guide you through learning from the land”- SMSC intern


Welcome to the Seven Bends Nursery volunteering opportunities page!  At Seven Bends Nursery we are excited to bring on new volunteers as it is important to us to have the community learn about our 

native plants and get hands-on experience working with these lovely plants. 


We are looking for volunteers who: 

  • Have reliable transportation to get to and from the nursery 

  • Commitment to a schedule (day, time, and place) 

    • You will work with Iara to create a schedule that works for you both 

  • Like to be outdoors and all that comes with it!

    • There are no bathrooms on site 

    • You will get a bit dirty and meet lots of critters 

  • Enjoy physical labor 

    • If you have physical limitations we can work with you! 

  • Come prepared

    • Bring what you need to get the job done comfortably

    • A list of recommendations of what to bring will be given to you by Iara  

  • Have a commitment to learning and are passionate about the environment


All volunteers must have a virtual meet and greet with Iara to get to know each other, create a schedule and go over logistics!  


This is a great opportunity for those looking to receive volunteer hours, especially for a master gardener or master naturalist program. Getting to learn from Dr. Iara Lacher, an ecologist, is also a wonderful opportunity for local college students who want to gain hands-on experience in horticulture and environmental studies.    



After completing the your form please email Iara that it has been submitted. We hope to hear from you soon! 

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