At Seven Bends, we believe that the act of gardening reminds us of our dependence on a healthy planet. Gardening teaches us patience and care and connects us more deeply to the environment around us.

Seven Bends Nursery is committed to providing lovingly curated, high quality native plant material, herbs, and food starts that support the creation of ecologically friendly landscapes. Our plants are chosen for both their beauty and for their role is supporting the wildlife that keeps our minds peaceful and our landscapes healthy and beautiful.

We grow an assortment of native perennial flowers, trees, and shrubs important for wildlife within the Shenandoah Valley, Piedmont, and Appalachia. Our native plants are noteworthy for their beauty and resiliency, and support diverse, healthy landscapes. And because these plants are adapted to local regions, they are surprisingly easy to care for!


We are also excited to share our love of chili peppers, and have a wide array of specialty chilis from all over the world, just because it's fun to play in the garden! We have everything ranging from decorative and mild to some of the world's hottest chilis. Even if you don't love spicy food, you'll find these beautiful plants a striking and intriguing addition to a summer garden!

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Native Plants

Planting native plants has many benefits. Native plants provide important resources for wildlife such as pollinators and birds. The root systems of some native plants, like grasses, promote good soil health by spreading deeper and wider than non-natives. Because they are suited to our local environment, planting native also offers relief for homeowners by eliminating the need for intensive maintenance such as watering, amending the soil, and controlling pests. If your plants show signs of nibbling, don’t fret. This is what you planted them for - to provide not only beauty, but to sustain life!


specialty chili peppers

Come play with the rich variety of flavors and heat profiles and explore our Specialty Chili Peppers! We have something for every palette and level of endurance:  we grow some of the world's hottest peppers and also stunning ornamentals that add flavor to our dishes and beauty to our yards, but with none of the burn.  With just a little cultivation, you will create a unique, personal crop you can use to add a distinctive flavor to your favorite dish or craft a personalized sauce.