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Seven Bends Nursery is committed to providing lovingly curated, high quality native plants that support the ecologically functional landscapes. Our plants are chosen for both their beauty and for their role is supporting the wildlife that keeps our minds peaceful and our landscapes healthy and beautiful.

Our inventory includes an assortment of native perennial flowers, trees, and shrubs important for wildlife within the Shenandoah Valley, Piedmont, and Appalachia. We grow from seed, cuttings, and plugs, and supplement with larger stock from like-minded nurseries. We practice sustainable resource use, are neonicotinoid-free, and focus on creating healthy plants that have the best chance at fighting off disease and pests. We grow pure species only.

Planting native plants has many benefits. Native plants provide important resources for wildlife such as pollinators and birds. The root systems of some native plants, like grasses, promote good soil health by spreading deeper and wider than non-natives. Because they are suited to our local environment, planting native also offers relief for homeowners by eliminating the need for intensive maintenance such as watering, amending the soil, and controlling pests. If your plants show signs of nibbling, don’t fret. This is what you planted them for - to provide not only beauty, but to sustain life!

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If you are a landscaper interested in bulk ordering, ask about our plant list.


Throwing Shade VA Program 

$25 OFF Trees and Shrubs

Get $25 off eligible high-quality native trees and shrubs priced at $50 or more as part of the Throwing Shade VA Program.  The program runs from March 1st- May 1st 2024.

Use this list to find eligible species.

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