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  There are many moving pieces to a landscape, and combined with your wants and needs it is hard to know where to begin when taking on a project.  A Consultation with Dr. Iara Lacher is the perfect place to start for clients who are planning to carry out landscaping projects in the future. Whatever a client’s wishes are for their landscape Dr. Iara Lacher’s knowledge of ecology and plants provides a strong, well-informed foundation for projects that will meet desired ecological outcomes.

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If you are ready to make changes to your garden, take all the guesswork out of the next steps by letting Seven Bends Nursery assist with design work. Starting from the goals you establish in our consultation, we help with projects large and small: additions of natives to a non-native yard, a small native-only garden bed,  a complete overhaul of a yard, a native meadow reclamation, and anything in between!


Iara has a wide array of speaking experience to varied audiences interested in native plants, gardening, and science. She has presented from groups as small as a dozen to keynoting a larger event, and audiences appreciate the way she weaves research-based, scientific knowledge with practical, everyday advice and solutions. If you have an event, workshop, or need for a speaker, call us to discuss how we can help. 

Funding Conservation

The state of Virginia offers home/landowners/organizations funding in the form of a competitive grant to support the planting of native plants and the conservation of soil and water resources.

Our expert will guide you through the application, producing information that will fulfill requirements of VCAP and improve the quality and thus competitiveness of your application.

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