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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Where can I find you?

You can purchase plants from us online by ordering on our webstore or by finding us at the local plant fairs we attend.  When ordering from the webstore your plants will be ready for curbside pickup on Sunday between 9 am and noon in Winchester, Virginia. You must get your order in by the previous Thursday evening to make Sunday pickups.  We do not currently offer shipping and we do not yet have a physical storefront, but we are looking for land!  Stay tuned!     


  • How do I go about purchasing plants?

There are a couple of options:

- Order from our webstore by Thursday to pick up your order between 9am and noon that Sunday.  

-Visit us at some of the local fairs we attend to shop our selection in person.


**Note that we do not currently offer shipping and we do not yet have a physical storefront.


  • What months is the nursery open?

We are usually open from April to September but this can depend on the growing season.  Check our webstore home page and it will let you know if we are open for orders!


  • Can I preorder for fairs?

No, we do not take preorders for fairs. 


  • Do we sell soil or mulch?

No, we do not sell soil, mulch, or any growing medium.  


  • Do we offer bulk discounts?

No, we do not offer bulk discounts. 


  • Is there a guarantee when purchasing plants?

We offer a 3-month guarantee if the plant was part of a landscape design that Iara created.

  • What is included in a landscape design? 

For more information about our landscape designs go to our landscape designs tab.


  • What is included in a consultation? 

For more information about site consultations go to our site consultations tab

  • If I am building a house and would like to use your services what’s my next step? 

We encourage you to reach out as soon as you have finalized your land purchase. There is invaluable information to be had by examining the landscape prior to development. An early visit will help us put your future home in context with the environment. Rest assured, we will focus on your goals and needs and will not try to influence development plans (unless you specifically request this). Click here for more information about site consultations. 

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