Do you want some help getting to know your yard? Are you planning a major improvement to your yard or garden? Do you just want some help adding a few native plants to the garden you already have? Seven Bends Nursery would love to help you with any of your large or small questions. Iara's years of scientific and practical experience will help you make the best decisions to fit the specific needs of your space and desired ecological outcomes.

        In our one hour consultation, we visit your property, provide an assessment  of what you currently have, contrast that with what your goals are,  and turn that into an overview of what we can do to help. We recommend plant material, approaches we can take to help, and explain the benefits your yard will get from the work.

A consultation from us is $125 for up to one hour and includes a comprehensive write up of the following:

  • Goals for the client and landscape

  • Guidance on how to stage and prioritize your efforts

  • A description and identification of the current plants--invasive, native, non-native

  • General site characteristics: soil quality, light and shade, irrigation, current structures

  • Evaluation of current wildlife and ecology

  • Potential future impacts of land use practices, both within property and at property borders.

  • Identification of and solutions for problem areas

  • Recommendations for plant material, site preparation, invasive species removal, and benefits of this work
  • Foundation information for landscape design


Contact us at to schedule your consultation.


We are available 9-6 Tuesday through Saturday for consultations. Saturday hours may vary depending on garden fair schedules. We service the northern Shenandoah Valley and NOVA areas* and are also available for virtual consults through whichever platform works for you.

To help increase access to the types of services we offer, if you are a small non-profit in the fields of environmental conservation or education, we can offer our consultation services for a reduced rate. Please contact Dr. Lacher at with inquiries.

*Due to increased gas prices, for sites outside of a 30min radius from Winchester, we may need to charge the standard government mileage rate of 62.5 cents/mile. This enables us to provide services and native plants to more ecosystems within our area.