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A consultation from us is $125 for up to one hour and includes a comprehensive write-up of the following:

  • Goals for the client and landscape

  • Guidance on how to stage and prioritize your efforts

  • A description and identification of the current plants--invasive, native, non-native

  • General site characteristics: soil quality, light and shade, irrigation, current structures

  • Evaluation of current wildlife and ecology

  • Potential future impacts of land use practices, both within the property and at property borders.

  • Identification of and solutions for problem areas

  • Recommendations for plant material, site preparation, invasive species removal, and benefits of this work
  • Foundation information for landscape design


Contact us at to schedule your consultation.


We are available 9-6 Tuesday through Saturday for consultations. Saturday hours may vary depending on garden fair schedules. We service the northern Shenandoah Valley and NOVA areas* and are also available for virtual consults through whichever platform works for you.

To help increase access to the types of services we offer, if you are a small non-profit in the fields of environmental conservation or education, we can offer our consultation services for a reduced rate. Please contact Dr. Lacher at with inquiries.

*Due to increased gas prices, for sites outside of a 30min radius from Winchester, we may need to charge the standard government mileage rate of 65.5 cents/mile. This enables us to provide services and native plants to more ecosystems within our area.

Site Consultations
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