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Part of our mission at Seven Bends Nursery is to form a community that is educated and inspired by native plants.  We know that it takes a community to make an impact and we want you to be a part of it! Stay connected with us on social media and join our mailing list for free newsletters.  We love interacting with our community so leave comments, ask questions, and contact us directly.  Let's plant native and grow together! 

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December 2023

Project Name

Tis' the Seed Season

Collecting native seeds has many benefits as it offers a low-cost option for building your garden, and even more importantly is an essential activity for the conservation of native species. Seed collection is as simple as finding native plants with viable seeds that you have permission to collect and can be sustainably collected from....

October 2023

Fall Gardening with Natives

It is important to keep in mind that gardening with native plants is different than gardening with ornamentals in traditional gardens. Our native plants do hard work feeding and housing native wildlife. Most of us who plant native want to ensure our native gardens continue to provide our native wildlife with these necessary resources even through the tough winter months. So how is fall gardening with natives different? 

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September 2023

Everything Ecoregions

Where specialty nurseries like Seven Bends are not available, dedicated gardeners may spend countless hours scouring garden stores for native plants, often depending on a label printed with the word “NATIVE” in bold letters. If you are one of these gardeners, over time you may have discovered that those labels can be misleading- some are cultivars and others may not be native to your state at all.

July 2023

Riparian Buffers

These wooded edges of the river are home to a wide array of animals that occasionally grant us a glimpse of their lives. These wooded edges serve us so well; they are habitats for native wildlife, protect against erosion, and overall, contribute to the clean water we recreate in and survive off of! This important habitat is called a riparian buffer!

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May 2023 #2

Lets Get Something Straight

Project Name

You may have heard that here at Seven Bends Nursery we have a “straight species promise”. In other words, we not only are a native-only nursery, but we also do not carry “cultivars” or “nativars”.  Now, you may be asking “What is a straight species?” And, “Why is our promise a big deal?” If this is you, then read on!

May 2023 #1

Save the Native Bees

“Save the bees”. This saying has circulated the globe, plastering tee shirts, bumper stickers, and other fun merchandise.  But, what does it mean, and how do we actually achieve it?

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April 2023

Project Name

Spring into Gardening

Just a little effort can keep your native plant garden tidy for your neighbors and healthy for years to come. Here are some easy steps to caring for a native garden in a way that honors their contribution to local ecosystem health...

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